mechanical engineering and design services

Our Clients

Triad Engineering has worked effectively with a large number of companies in joint development projects, where a client chooses to outsource some portion of their product design.  Triad Engineering can meet your companys needs whatever your specific engineering requirements are. 

Some of our past and current clients include:


  • Fischer Imaging
  • Sandhill Scientific, Inc.
  • W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc.
  • Baxa Corporation


  • Barber-Nichols
  • Cogitic Corporation


  • M/A-COM
  • Marathon Computers
  • Aeroflex UTMC
  • Plasmon LMS

General Manufacturing

  • Cruiser Accessories
  • Multi-Duti Manufacturing
  • Nilar
  • MKS/ENI Electronics
  • Wilkerson Corporation