Design for Manufacturing

At Triad Engineering, our in-depth experience with high-volume manufacturing processes ensures that your product will make a smooth transition from the computer screen to the production floor.  We understand what factors contribute to total product cost.  We will work with you to help achieve your target price, making sure that your goals are discussed up front in order to prioritize design features and specifications so that the final design reflects the essence of what you're looking for.

Once the design process is complete our involvement doesn't end there.  We work with manufacturers ranging from machine shops and injection molders in the U.S. to fabrication and assembly houses in China.  We have the experience and the resources to take your product through the manufacturing process, working hands-on with the manufacturers at their factories to make certain your product is being built to your specifications.

Our manufacturing resources are not limited to product fabrication.  We work with several mold builders in China to produce export plastic injection molds and tooling.  If your goal is to manufacture your product here in the U.S., we can help you accomplish that economically by building and importing the tooling from overseas.