Industrial Products

Industrial Shredder, RealTime Shredding, Inc.
This is a self-service shredder installed in commercial businesses such as banks, malls, and retail shipping centers. It is fabricated from sheet metal with a welded frame and includes automated electronic controls.

Industrial Shredder – RealTime Shredding, Inc.

Lead Straightener, Aeroflex UTMC
This is an automated lead straightening device used in the production of integrated circuits.

Lead Straightener – Aeroflex UTMC

Environmental Chamber, Plasmon LMS
A dust test chamber used to test the lifespan of storage media disks.

Environmental Chamber – Plasmon LMS

Leveling Boot, Equine Digit Support System, Inc.
A diagnostic tool that attaches to the hoof of a horse to determine the strength of the ankle tendons. It has flexible rubber straps overmolded with a plastic base. The molds were manufactured in China and imported to the U.S.

Leveling Boot – Equine Digit Support System, Inc.
Leveling Boot – Equine Digit Support System, Inc.

Regulator Casting, Wilkerson Corp.
This is a precision aluminum die casting with a custom threaded insert.

Regulator Casting – Wilkerson Corp.

Power Supply, MKS/ENI Electronics
A power supply used in the medical field to perform MRIs.

Power Supply – MKS/ENI